Tuesday, 8 February 2011

Friendlies??? What is the point...

As one of the most exciting weekends of football the Premier League has ever had comes dribbling to an end, we are all left with the expectation of another one rapidly approaching, bar one small detail......international friendlies!!!!
Now as an avid football fan I make no mistake in thinking that after 25/26 games gone in the English elite competition, the Premier League, why in hell have we got a near full fixtures list of internationals???!!!
Surely this is unthinkable and no surprise that the likes of Steven Gerrard etc have pulled out with 'injuries'
Now I'm sure Mr Gerrard will be playing some part in Liverpool's game against Wigan at Anfield this coming weekend, and therefore enforcing my view of having international friendlies at this stage of the season is ludicrous!!
With just over ten games to go before the curtain closes on another season, the fuck wit's at the F.A arrange a friendly?? What are they thinking??!!
I sympathise with club fans, I for one have a very close eye on breaking news on friendly going's on, for one reason and one reason only, no not for the result, not for the goal scorers, but for the reason and fear that one of your teams star players might get injured and as a result not be able to turn out for them in the next league game!!
With the Premier League becoming more difficult to win with every passing season I can understand fully players pulling out and it wouldn't surprise me if the clubs encourage them to do so in order for them to be fully fit for the league campaign, especially as they pay their wages, I think they are fully within their rights to request this is so.
One perfect example of this is the now retired Dean Ashton, the former West Ham striker was injured on England's training ground and as a result after much treatment was forced into an early retirement as he was unable to resume his playing career.
Ashton subsequently took the F.A to court over the going's on and has just got his pay-out.
This is scant consolation as at the time Ashton was regarded as one of the most promising and talented front men about, he was highly regarded as England's brightest hope in many years across the footballing world.
West Ham also suffered through no fault of their own and are still to this day struggling for a replacement of the quality of Ashton.
So why do the Football Association keep doing this to our game??
Surely games like this could be re-scheduled for a less dramatic and frantic time of the season??
No wonder the Welsh wizard Ryan Giggs only played a handful of games for Wales when the pressure was off, he chose, whether it be by choice or luck, to play in the most minimal amount of friendlies for his country, and is still held in the highest esteem by all of his peers.
It cannot be hidden either that at the age of 37 he is still performing at the very top level for one of the biggest clubs in world football, obviously this is not solely down to the lack of friendly participation but it makes you wonder if it has played a big part doesn't it???
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