Tuesday, 26 October 2010

calm after the storm

here we are, the storm of the liverpool saga seemingly passing with every day that passes, they finally got a result they can push on from and  possibly start climbing up the division, although when you actually analize the season that liverpool have had thus far it is not actually the disaster/crisis that the world wide media would have you believe......why is this???
well if you look at the league, yes it looks bad and of course the league doesnt lie, they have simply not been good enough on several occasions but when you delve deeper and look at the games where they have lost points it appears not quite a disaster.....first game against arsenal, leading 1-0 until the depths of injury time and reina throws the ball in his own net....2points lost there but still a credible point against one of their top 6 rivals, next up a 3-0 defeat to manchester city, simply not up to scratch and deservidly punished for a below par performance, but again against one of their top 6 rivals, another result that wouldnt look out of context in any season, a 3-2 defeat to their closet rivals in manchester united, 2-0 down, pulled back to 2-2 only for the brilliance of berbatov to punish lacklustre defending, but again one of their rivals, 1-0 home win against west brom, yes they should be punishing teams like this a bit more harshly but a spirited west brom side kept it down to a single goal, away defeat to their neighbours everton 2-0 is not a result any reds fan will ever want to see but as we all know derby games can go either way and form would totally go out of the window, but this time both teams had no form so it was grit and determination that would win it, and unfortunately for the red army it wasnt them showing any of it hence the scoreline, but again a game and result which wouldnt look out of place if it was another season or indeed not after the series of results that liverpool have had, a 2-2 draw at sunderland looked quite a good away point as the reds came twice from behind to draw level but really were out fought again which for liverpool fans is a rare and indeed a disgusting state of affairs, none the less still a credible point as im sure will show when the other big 6 go there. granted the home result against newly promoted blackpool stands head and shoulders above the rest, defeated at home in front of their fanatical fans in another under-par performance from one of the leagues top sides, and duely punished by the spirited premiership minnows. yes a huge shock not only to liverpool fans but fans of football in general.
the reds finally got back on track this sunday with a overall good performance against blacburn, who usually offer a physical game and ariel attacking but none of this really materialised and the reds ran out 2-1 winners when in truth it could've been many more. their talisman fernando torres put his poor performances behind him and put in a very encouraging shift and got his goal for his efforts which ended up being the winner.
so when you look at these results only really the blackpool result stands out as a complete shock, yes liverpool and a team of their stature should have more points 9 games into the season but all i am saying is maybe the media circus which surrounds big clubs in 'crisis' maybe adds to the feeling rather than looking at all the factors........

Thursday, 14 October 2010

now i am seriously baffled???!!!!

last time out i talked about the bizarre court case involving hicks, gillett, and the liverpool board in order to sort out the antics of the americans in relation to the unfair and now breach of contract confirmed sacking of board members.
the judge ruled that the chairman was singly responsible for the make up of the board as he was employed to be by hicks, gillett and the bank rbs.
this should have granted liverpool football club the freedom to sell the club and end the charade which has gone on far to long now......
or so we thought......this morning i wake and switch on the tv anticipating an announcement from the liverpool board confirming the new owners and all would have been well up in merseyside.....but true to form the crazy ass american clowns have now not only managed to get an order to prevent the sale of the club temporarily, but now have the bollocks to turn the tide and are in the process of suing rbs, the liverpool board for in excess of $1.6 billion yes BILLION for damages???!!!!
shocked? no.
dumbfounded? yes.
what IS going on? have i completely missed something here? all was so well and good and now not only will the debt not be paid in time i.e friday 15th oct, but now they are trying to sue on top of this??!! sorry to sound so harsh and no offence to americans but these to have surely lost the plot no??!!!
well as it happens, many people over here in the u.k were saying, how can a court in texas have juristdiction over the pond? answer is they dont. but what they do have is the power to stop any u.s company/consortium/individual from buying the club if they are  registered as trading in the u.s.
pretty clever, even for the pre-emptive yanks, the injunction however is only temporary so you think it is only a matter of time.
but it could be enough time to force the liverpool board to accept another offer from a non u.s company i.e peter lim, the singaporian business man with cash to burn?! is that what hicks and gillett want? truely they shouldnt have a choice but as two members of a 5 man board they do have a vote each, but against everyone else on the board, and everyone in the city of liverpool, and now alot of people around the world who just enjoy football and have liverpool as one of the great clubs.
it clear that hicks and gillett want to regain as much of their money as possible, and who wouldnt? but the fact is, when bought the club liverpool were concrete top four, in the champions league, two finals in 4 years, and were obviously alot more desirable to buyers and the price would have obviously been higher, now as the economic climate has had a worldwide down spiral everyone has felt the demise of something depreciate in value, which is exactly what the value of the club has done. what doesnt help their cause to get their money back is this, the club is now in the bottom 3, in europes 2nd competition, and in total disarray behind the scenes so there is no way someone will pay over the odds for something that at tops can only be worth 350million in todays market, taking on a debt which has grown considerably since they took to the helm.

these are worrying times for football, and with the biggest club in english history liverpool going through the mill, i can only see the worlds most famous club manchester united next on the chopping block of american greed

Tuesday, 12 October 2010

what the hell is going on???!!!

now i am a big a football fan as you will find, but still i grow icreasingly baffled by the politics that has entered the game over here in england.

one of our biggest clubs, and one of the biggest clubs in the world liverpool are on the verge of going into administration???!!!! what the fuck is going on??!!

two yanks in gillett and hicks somehow find it ok to hire a board to broker a deal to sell the club, 5 people on this board in order to not have a split vote, then when the three people voting for a sale say yes, in turn going against the other two voters of hicks and gillett they try to sack them for not agreeing with them??!!!

in no other walk of life would you ever be able to get away with such blind-minded ball-shit because you didnt get your own way, it stands to reason why millions of liverpool fans are against anything the two americans do, and by turning the much loved club into a farcical circus they cannot be suprised with the dark reception these comments and actions receive.

yes there are other offers on the table if the stories are true and to be believed, yes some of them are worth more money but surely with the deadline of friday for the debt (which hicks and gillett can only be held responsible for) will be called and the company which owns liverpool, kop holdings will be placed into administration, this would surely de-value the club further????!!!!

as a football fan i cant even imagine a club of this size going into administration but it is a stark reality this week and it sadens me to come to this conclusion....and i dont want to offend anyone......Americans just dont get football....and only when the premier league stop them from buying clubs with money that they have to borrow, and not money they actually have then this will not stop and the clubs that are owned through companies and not fanatic millionaires will we see an end to the death of our modern game.

it is not a game of monopoly, it is passion filled game of beauty so unless you understand the rammafications of your ignorant decissions with our beautiful clubs has on the paying public who finance the club from the streets with their hard earned cash watching in this case their beloved team struggle under the pressure of the ownership battle/farce now taking effect onto the pitch which is dis-heartnening to see to say the least, so message to the hicks and gilletts of this world.......leave now and forever hold your peace, leave that beautiful club and leave it with dignity, thats if there is any left.............