Tuesday, 26 October 2010

calm after the storm

here we are, the storm of the liverpool saga seemingly passing with every day that passes, they finally got a result they can push on from and  possibly start climbing up the division, although when you actually analize the season that liverpool have had thus far it is not actually the disaster/crisis that the world wide media would have you believe......why is this???
well if you look at the league, yes it looks bad and of course the league doesnt lie, they have simply not been good enough on several occasions but when you delve deeper and look at the games where they have lost points it appears not quite a disaster.....first game against arsenal, leading 1-0 until the depths of injury time and reina throws the ball in his own net....2points lost there but still a credible point against one of their top 6 rivals, next up a 3-0 defeat to manchester city, simply not up to scratch and deservidly punished for a below par performance, but again against one of their top 6 rivals, another result that wouldnt look out of context in any season, a 3-2 defeat to their closet rivals in manchester united, 2-0 down, pulled back to 2-2 only for the brilliance of berbatov to punish lacklustre defending, but again one of their rivals, 1-0 home win against west brom, yes they should be punishing teams like this a bit more harshly but a spirited west brom side kept it down to a single goal, away defeat to their neighbours everton 2-0 is not a result any reds fan will ever want to see but as we all know derby games can go either way and form would totally go out of the window, but this time both teams had no form so it was grit and determination that would win it, and unfortunately for the red army it wasnt them showing any of it hence the scoreline, but again a game and result which wouldnt look out of place if it was another season or indeed not after the series of results that liverpool have had, a 2-2 draw at sunderland looked quite a good away point as the reds came twice from behind to draw level but really were out fought again which for liverpool fans is a rare and indeed a disgusting state of affairs, none the less still a credible point as im sure will show when the other big 6 go there. granted the home result against newly promoted blackpool stands head and shoulders above the rest, defeated at home in front of their fanatical fans in another under-par performance from one of the leagues top sides, and duely punished by the spirited premiership minnows. yes a huge shock not only to liverpool fans but fans of football in general.
the reds finally got back on track this sunday with a overall good performance against blacburn, who usually offer a physical game and ariel attacking but none of this really materialised and the reds ran out 2-1 winners when in truth it could've been many more. their talisman fernando torres put his poor performances behind him and put in a very encouraging shift and got his goal for his efforts which ended up being the winner.
so when you look at these results only really the blackpool result stands out as a complete shock, yes liverpool and a team of their stature should have more points 9 games into the season but all i am saying is maybe the media circus which surrounds big clubs in 'crisis' maybe adds to the feeling rather than looking at all the factors........

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