Tuesday, 12 October 2010

what the hell is going on???!!!

now i am a big a football fan as you will find, but still i grow icreasingly baffled by the politics that has entered the game over here in england.

one of our biggest clubs, and one of the biggest clubs in the world liverpool are on the verge of going into administration???!!!! what the fuck is going on??!!

two yanks in gillett and hicks somehow find it ok to hire a board to broker a deal to sell the club, 5 people on this board in order to not have a split vote, then when the three people voting for a sale say yes, in turn going against the other two voters of hicks and gillett they try to sack them for not agreeing with them??!!!

in no other walk of life would you ever be able to get away with such blind-minded ball-shit because you didnt get your own way, it stands to reason why millions of liverpool fans are against anything the two americans do, and by turning the much loved club into a farcical circus they cannot be suprised with the dark reception these comments and actions receive.

yes there are other offers on the table if the stories are true and to be believed, yes some of them are worth more money but surely with the deadline of friday for the debt (which hicks and gillett can only be held responsible for) will be called and the company which owns liverpool, kop holdings will be placed into administration, this would surely de-value the club further????!!!!

as a football fan i cant even imagine a club of this size going into administration but it is a stark reality this week and it sadens me to come to this conclusion....and i dont want to offend anyone......Americans just dont get football....and only when the premier league stop them from buying clubs with money that they have to borrow, and not money they actually have then this will not stop and the clubs that are owned through companies and not fanatic millionaires will we see an end to the death of our modern game.

it is not a game of monopoly, it is passion filled game of beauty so unless you understand the rammafications of your ignorant decissions with our beautiful clubs has on the paying public who finance the club from the streets with their hard earned cash watching in this case their beloved team struggle under the pressure of the ownership battle/farce now taking effect onto the pitch which is dis-heartnening to see to say the least, so message to the hicks and gilletts of this world.......leave now and forever hold your peace, leave that beautiful club and leave it with dignity, thats if there is any left.............

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