Monday, 1 November 2010

referees eh....who would be one?!

another weekend passed and another spotlight on the man in black and unfortunately for the masses we are not talking about the legendary Johnny Cash......the venue : Old Trafford, the victim, Mr Gomes the tottenham goalkeeper, the man in the middle Mark Clattengurg? dunno if thats the right spelling but either way he is under the spotlight!
the impressive but ultimately annoying potugese winger Nani, who has declared himself 'one of the best' today, danced into the spurs penalty area and took a 9.0 dive in the box, seemingly handling the ball as he tumbled, the keeper, Gomes assumes the ref will/had blown his whistle for seeing the blatant handball by the winger picks the ball up and places it for what he thought would be a free kick and a long punt downfield to put his team back on the attack and looking for the equaliser they had battled for 85 mins to get, but to gomes' and indeed everyone in the stadium and probable millions watching on tv worldwide, as he backs off to take his run up, the cheeky little git in a united shirt seemingly braking the rules puts the ball in an un guarded net???!!!
what the fuck was going on?!!! i dont think anyone in the world really knew and instantly all eyes filtered to the man in black who's arm movements indicated that nani was right to play on and tuck away his arrogant attempt!!
how? why? what was going on here?!?
as to the rules regarding this no-one was to sure, spurs players swarmed round the ref almost dragging him off into the tunnel for the imminent kicking they thought he should deserve, but no, the goal stood and united ran out 2-0 victors and spurs fans left ruing yet anothe refereeing decision go against them at old trafford....
the referee's statement was this......i did not blow for a free kick as the keeper had possesion, therefore nani was well within his rights to play the ball as soon as he had no hands on the ball thus making it  perfeclty legal goal....or words to that effect anyways.......more fool gomes
yet perfectly legal and well within the rules, should this kind of goal be allowed to stand in the spirit of the game??
i really dont know, if my team had scored a goal like this id have been patting the striker on the back for being on his toes, if my team conceded one like it then id be fuming, so what is it? right or wrong?
how the fuck should i know? i am a fan like the rest of us, yet another example of why we do it to ourselves i suppose eh? to make a discussion out of anything that makes us fume?
you be the judge....

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