Thursday, 11 November 2010

another good mid-week showing

so here we are at the end of another mid-week programme in the premier league......
to start, the biggest game of the week, the manchester derby..........all the build up was tense, excitement ran rife around the city with the sky blue's sensing something in the air that they could put down a benchmark by beating their neighbours and throw the gauntlet down.............outcome 0-0.
city were so defensive it was untrue and if i was the italian in charge id be worried about being shown the door before to long, they have the strongest squad in the league, the 'biggest stars' and of course the biggest wage bill, but as for the performance last night obismal, united were by far the better side and they didnt even get going.
the lazy fucker berbatov chose this wasnt his type of game and only showed an overhead kick for his non-effort, scholes once again reminded every england supporter what they are missing by running the show but united were unable to capitalise, overall 0-0 summed this one up im afraid.............
chelsea at home to a stuttering fulham side once again showed why they are favourites, not playing well but dominating the londoners who only rallied late on, the reason i have said many times already behind chelsea being so good was essien, but even i cant defend the stupid fucking decision to lunge in two footed on 94 mins, twat.
arsenal scored early on against lowly wolves but they really tested the gooners in the second half, with fabianski, yes fabianski, you heard me, making some truely world class saves to keep arsenal in front and as wolves pushed forward looking for the equaliser chamakh got his 2nd of the game and killed to challenge off completely.
arsenal have been critisised in recent years for not winning games like this and as a result play themselves out of title contention, maybe different this year? only time will tell, i think they still struggle with the more physical sides so cant see them close enough this year.
tottenham hosted sunderland, both teams ravaged by injury and it did show unfortunately for both sides, spurs just never really got going in truth and sunderland missed darren bent up top, the little dutch maestro van der vart came up trumps for spurs to pull a point out of the game and tottenham did have chances to win the game and maybe a team that boasted defoe would've capitalised on this, sunderland battled out for a point and a much deserved one from their point of view.
the geordie massive welcomed blackburn to st james' and didnt forsee the outcome after their exploits against arsenal at the weekend. they managed to level through the england bound carroll but to lose out in the later stages to a jason roberts winner, the flash point in the game unsuprisingly came from joey barton.
say what you like and it would all probably be true, barton squares up to pedersen and delivered a right hook to the stomach which one david haye or audley harrison would be happy about getting through this coming weekend, the decision......referee did not see it but all cameras were pointing as they always do nowdays and the prosecution will lap up the evidence once again.
villa faced blackpool....but not as we know it. the hillarious and much agitated ian holloway made none less than ten, yup ten changes to his starting eleven, an end to end match with goals dotted throughout finally ended up 3-2 to the home side and now holloway finds himself in the same position as mick mccarthy did last season for fielding a 'weakened' side against man utd, the f.a will probe his decision, much to his disgust, and i agree with him, if he as the manager feels it is needed to change this amount of personel then as the manager he should be able to make the decision without it being challenged.
liverpool had the chance to climb further up the table on their rescue mission of the season, or thats how it was being portrayed by taking on wigan side languishing in the very position liverpool found themselves a couple of weeks ago. an early fernando torres goal made the result look inevitable at the end of the first half, then meireles came off at half time and liverpool seemed to stop dead in their tracks.
wigan came out and battered at the liverpool goal for probably 35 of the 45 mins.
they equalised and kept going, pinning liverpool in, both teams had a goal chalked off for offside and both decisions were tight but the right ones, then as it seemed a stalemate captain fantastic gerrard was put through pretty much one-on-one and instead of taking a touch then beating the keeper for some reason he took the shot on first time and the ball came back off of the underside of the bar and that was the last chance for either team. a draw was most definately the right result as no team really showed enough throughout to deserve the three points.
the game of the night was at upton park as the battle of the 'w' commenced, west ham took on west brom in an end to end match with flashes of brilliance from both teams. kieran dyer shone for the hammers as they played some truely lovely football that wouldnt have been out of place coming from the emerites.
west ham went behind then were pulled a goal back and then went infront only to see their hard work shattered as they conceded on 70mins ish and the two teams had to settle for a point a piece.
either side could well have won this and a point was not really what either team needed but a point gained is better than none at the bottom.
so the three bottom sides all begin with the letter 'w' omen? will it be those that go at the end of the 38 games? long way to go and at the moment eveyone is still well capable of beating everyone.......

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