Wednesday, 3 November 2010

Gareth Bale......just how good is he??!!

a young welsh footballer playing at left back for southampton, two years after his debut tottenham snapped him up to bolster their starting eleven, last season bale played 23 times for spurs and was on the winning side on not a single occassion!!!! now a year on, the wheeler dealer harry rednapp had to put full faith in the young welsh player by putting him just off the striker during an injury crisis, this seemed to be a stroke of genius allbeit forced by the much loved rednapp. brilliant displays followed playing in a what was thought to be unorthodox position for the long time left beck, but still the performances were there for all to see as he filled the attacking gaps with apparent ease.
now spurs being in the top flight of european football, the champions league, finshing fourth in the league last year in order to do so, he is now arguably the main focus of the entire team! stark contrast to the laughable fun of games spurs and bale had endured the previous season when he was involved....
so it begs the question...what the fuck has changed ??!!! is it brilliance on the part of harry? is it the rejuvinated hunger from bale himself or is it just a pure unadulterated rise of one of the stars of the present and future we are all witnessing in front of our eyes?
my statement is this.....gareth bale is in the top three wingers in the world, yup i said the whole blue and green land that we inhabit....the FUCKING WORLD.
in my opinion and course everyone has theirs, but in my opinion he is only in the company of such players like the demented duck aka ronaldo, not the fat buck tooth brazilian but the portugese master, he is now starting to hit the heights that madrid payed the seemingly crazy £80 million squidlies for in the summer of last year to see, and of course theres no prizes for guessing the identity of one little argentinian magician who for me rates above them both, but on recent showings only just above.
has the world gone crazy? for me no.
two weeks ago bale's tottenham team were four goals down to inter milan in milans back yard, inter being the european champions, allbeit at the hands of 'the special one' who has since moved to pastures new but the quality team still remains, so we had it, 4-0 down away from home against rafael benitez of liverpool fame/shame's italians, they were being completely outplayed, outfought, out manouvered the lot, a complete lesson in europes elite competition, then enter mr bale, he grasped his team and lacklustre teammates by the scruff ofthe neck and proceeded to score three goals to pull spurs within reach of an amazing turn around, it didnt quite materialise but the showing given by bale earned him rave reviews, and rightly so.
was it a one off?
aparrently not, last night i watched and witnessed a performance of attacking flare rarely seen at white hart lane since the mecurial david ginola just without the girlie fucking locks.
bale was up against maicon, a worldly established right back and widely thought of as one of the best in the world, well last night bale ghosted past this 'master' four, five, six mabye more i coulnt keep count the amount of times he raped him time and time again like the right back wasnt even there.
and much like his opposite aaron lennon who did have just as much joy on the other flank but with one major difference, bale can actually deliver a final ball without shitting himself with excitement.
no matter how small a part he plays, everything seemed to go through bale, and everyone looks to him to lift the team, which can only be testiment to him for returning to the spurs first team and actually breaking the voodoo of the defeats by smashing his own best form and to put tottenham into the eyes of the watching world.......

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