Friday, 26 November 2010

so is anyone gonna stand up and be counted????

this is surely the stragest premier league season, most certainly in recent years, for no one team wanting to grab hold of the league and take it under their spell and make inroads into taking charge.
every weekend one of the 'top 6' teams drops points and on these occassions none of the other teams really have taken advantage, to the point where liverpool and villa are still close enough if the teams above them keep slipping up, and that is according to the illustrious mr wenger!!!
so here is my run down of the contenders:
arsenal......great footballing side and the most attractive team in the league, but still have the same problems which they've had since henry etc left, dodgy keeper in comparisson to chelsea, man united, man city, liverpool, no real steel in the middle of midfield, they have fabregas yes, world class but he cant work his magic if he hasnt got someone kicking the shizer out of the oppossition and handing him the ball, and the central defenders cant even begin to be compared to the famous five under george graham's reign......verdict....3rd good early season, hammering teams out of sight, now, lost three out of four and 'crisis' is being bounded gotta be fucking kidding me right? topped their champions league group with maximum points, albeit an easy group, top of the prem, and still got essien, lampard, terry, etc etc to return, they have had 60 odd shots on goal in last two games, someones gonna get a pasting soon and the last couple of games will be forgotten.......verdict.......2nd
man city..........massive promise just not got the consistency, they will win the league, just not this year, so many class players, so many ego's aswell though, they'll probably implode before they settle, can see change of manager before they do but they'll have a say somewhere.....verdict......5th
man united.........unbeaten this season in the league, not playing well whilst doing that, rooney well off the boil but the heat will return and he will fire sooner rather than later, the berb wont go anywhere and will once again pair up with rooney and they'll be the difference, hernandes will fill any void left and scholes is still reminding us what england fans are missing.......verdict.......1st
spurs.........massive achievment already this season, why cant they win it? if one of the above dont take charge then spurs can be in the mix, only thing that will go against them is the champions league/premiership week, harry is yet to really deal with it and hasnt found either rotation or plan b that works, but he will, so unpredictable, but so brilliant at times to, got second best squad behind city...........verdict...........4th
liverpool...............poor start and still capable of stringing a run together which could see them challenge, unlikely as it is, but capable, as are any of the above, a good run will obviously heavilly depend on gerrard and torres and possibly could go either way depending on january transfers but on showing so far...........verdict.........6th
agree?????? be interesting to hear some of your predictions??????

the next quick point is about real madrid in champions league this week, cruised to 4-0 away day victory against ajax and 'allegedly' purposedly got two men sent off to wipe the disciplinery slate clean.......
of course they deny any wrong doing and it is an arguement which cant be won by either side, they didnt break any rules, therefor they have 'played' the system as far as i can see, if it wasnt jose 'the special one' mourinho then there wouldnt have been as much fuss im sure, im not saying it was right because in the name of sporting behaviour its fucking disgusting, but having not broken any rule uefa cant really do alt, genius from jose????? is he the best about??????

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