Monday, 22 November 2010

goals goals goals.........

yup thats rite goals galore in the premier league this weekend!!!!! and none for the reigning champions......what is going on this season????!!!
ill start with the game of the weekend being at the emirites as the north london derby rolled into town, spurs going to their rivals having not won there since 1993 where arsenal fielded a weakened side ahead of the cup final those many moons ago........
and today those glory days seem a million miles away for the miserable gooners.
2-0 up at half time they played tottenham off the park and could've been further out of sight had they taken their chances as spurs were lacklustre and to be honest pretty appauling, i feared for them.
i dunno what the fuck harry said at half time but fuck me it worked, spurs flew out the blocks and the illustrious gareth bale got them back into it four mins after the break with a delightful first touch ahead of a sublime finish with the outside of the boot, dunno if he can use his right but if he has risen from obscurity just using his left then i aint gonna argue, van der vart was superb and layed it on perfectly, how he is only worth 8 million i will never know!
then things got worse, spurs leveled through the little dutch maestro as fabregas put his hand up as he must have heard a question come from the crowd...."who wants to join barcelona"......he duely put his hand up and conceded a penalty, van der vart subsequently obliged and spurs were gonna take some stopping.
a poor finish from an arsenal centre back not even good enough to remember his name, from an accute cross from walcott, only to head over from 6 yards and it looked destined to end up square.
a silly free kick conceded from arsenal point of view was perfectly delivered once again from the influential van der vart and kaboul glanced a header sweetly inside the far post and the delirium began.......
wenger outfoxed by harry? players stood up to be counted? master stroke 'throwing' a striker on with the possibility of getting put out of sight? i dunno, made a cracking game for the neutral though, the most entertaining part being wenger furiously throwing his water bottle at the floor and the tidal wave of liquid still in the bottle spraying up into his face, brought me a giggle
spurs real title contenders? i think so, not only on this huge result but in a truely bizarre season they could spring the suprise and this time round i really belive they have the players to sustain it, as long as the champions league hangovers dont ruin it for them.
as for champions.......chelsea, three defeats on the bounce and really deplited, threw everyting and more at birmingham, but fot the immediate world class-ness of foster in their goal it would have ended 1-5, they got their goal and clung like fuck to it and with alot of help from their number one they fully deserved the 1-0, chelsea crisis? possibly, they just are a shadow of the team that flew out of the blocks at the season openers, now they are truely struggling.
man city finally got going on sunday as they faced a tough fulham side with their ex-boss hughes at the helm but in all honesty they were on cruise control and put a poor side to the sword with ease.
their manchester neighbours carried on hteir own annoying form, not playing well, struggling against wigan until the visitors went down to 10, then 9, only then the red devils showed ease, sign of champions?
liverpool 'hammered' west ham in what i called the 'sack race', surely a team that bad, one that made david ngog and maxi look world class can only be going one direction and that isnt up, how long can they stick with avram grant? they really do not have anything, and were the worst team i've seen in the premier league for some time, can only be bleak for the loyal supporters on this and many other showings this season.
bolton carried on their unbelievable for as they stuck 5 past a much rejuvinated newcastle side who on this occassion looked well out of their depth, carroll weighed in with his goal but they looked a poor team compared to the team that demolished sunderland and turned arsenal over, yo-yo form but i think will show enough over the season.......
harry for england........??????

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