Wednesday, 9 March 2011

Spurs for a Quater Final place??

The image above sent shock waves around the world a couple of weeks ago, the 'crazy' night in the San Siro was completed with Gennaro Gattuso headbutting Spurs assistant coach Joe Jordan after the final whistle.
The game was full of incident on and off the pitch with Tottenham running out eventual winners by a single, but ultimately important away goal.
Over the history of the Champions League the illusive away goal has always proved an interesting proposition, with the team playing the first leg away from home, unconciously having the upper hand even before a ball has been kicked.
Spurs have their precious away day notch and this will play a huge part in tonights second leg. Its simple, AC Milan HAVE to score, and this in itself sets the tie up very nicely, especially for a neutral, but in my opinion also a very good situation for Tottenham fans. AC will have to attack at some point, and with the attacking ability waiting in the London club's ranks it can only play to their advantage.
Yes Milan do have danger men, with players like Ibrahimovic, Robinho, Pato they will always carry a goal threat.
Ill be astounded if Pato doesn't start for the visitors, his introduction in the first leg spurred the home side, even though they couldn't muster a finish. He is the key IF Milan are to progress passed this maturing Tottenham side.
With Van der Vart passed as fit, and Gareth Bale supposedly 'touch and go', a status that I'm sure will see him play tonight, with all the other goal scoring talents in the Spurs squad, I can't see them messing this one up. Yes they have been conceding, but they nearly ALWAYS score. If they convert half the chances they make in any game they would probably be top of the Premiership.
With Defoe getting his first league goals in almost a year against Wolves at the weekend, I can see him getting in on the act tonight.
With my correct prediction for last nights game under my belt, I am punting for a repeat scoreline at 'The Lane' this evening, 3-1 Tottenham, something that will only enrage Arsenal fans further I'm afraid.
 Last night for Arsenal, no, Van Persie shouldn't have gone off, but, even with eleven versus eleven the Gunners were being given the run around. The mecurial play between Xavi, Iniesta and Messi is truly out of this world. If Arsene Wenger's team play the best football in the English Premier League, and they do with no question do that, then it goes to show just how far behind our teams are.
One Arsenal player that stood out was young Jack Wilshire, it was an un-enviable task constantly chasing the ghosts of the three Barcelona play-makers, but he stood firm, and when on the rare occassions that Arsenal had the ball, he was most definately at the heart of it. With a big majority of Barcelona's players coming through their own accademy, this must point the English clubs in the direction of following suit, only then we will see a true improvement, and overdue performances from our National side.

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