Wednesday, 29 September 2010

are english teams good enough???

I watched a bit of the champions league games last night including the arsenal, chelsea, real madrid, ac milan, and it really got me thinking.....are the english teams as good as we here in england believe they are?
the four teams in there from england : chelsea (champions of england) beaten last time in the final but for debatable decisions by the referee and a united side that took full advantage of the situation, manchester united (runners up) beat chelsea in that final but should they have won more european cups whilst under the control of sir alex??? arsenal (beaten finalists vs barca) play the most attractive football apart from barca, have the best young side in the world but do they have the muscle? and this year a new entity....spurs. the unknown team from england in this years competition, which i think can only help themas they prepare for their 1st home game in the biggest cup competition arguably in the world......fc twente have made huge in-roads over the last year since steve maclaren took the reigns and guided them to the title and instilled belief into their players that is still blatently evident and so close to the surface that they will test spurs tonight but in my opinion i think spurs in front of thier own fans will beat them fairly comfortably 3-1 as twent are not the strongest at the back and in europe top strikers will punish this, ruiz up top will test the spurs backline and will pose the biggest threat and i wouldnt be suprised if we saw him in the premiership in the near future either!!
as for united, they travel to the mighty valencia to take on the team sitting above barca and real madrid at the top of the prem in spain, even without the now world renownd david villa putting the ball in the net for them.
united are conceding goals and have let 2 goals in on to many occasions for sir alex or the united faithful to be happy with, but with this in mind i predict a scoreline of 2-1 to the spanish league leaders, no scholes, no rooney
 and ferdinand back but with a dodgy back i dont think they'll be able to hold off valencia in their own back yard.
so bottom line is......sir alex......nearly 20 years at the helm for united.....2 european cups......should he have won more given the time and money he has had and the calibre of players that have graced the pitch for united over these years? i am not questioning his record domestically because this cant be questioned, but as a football fan and being english i just feel he should have steered them to more european success????
is this a fair point???

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