Tuesday, 28 September 2010

why do we do it??!!

as this is my first ever post i shall keep it short, sweet and to the point......i walkedinto work on monday, as i do every(well most) mondays, to the unpresidented barrage of abuse that comes as part and parcel of supporting a football club.My team had not only failed to win but struggled to secure a measley point from without sounding to harsh, a lower club than that of ourselves.......or so we think.
we think this because no matter what club you may support/follow, the fact of the matter is is that club is the best club in the world to each and every individual, blind to the fact that there are other teams considerably better or have more financial clout than yours, yet your club remains strong and proudly in your heart and for the vast majority of football fans will remain till death do you part.
results, managers, leagues and cups come and go, but you remain strong and instilled in the belief that your club will once again be great or suprise you and surpass your every expectations.....or we can all hope at least.

so i pose this question to you all.....why do we stay so loyal and faithful to our teams yet survive the constant barrage of abuse, knowing all well and good that you have no bearing on any results anytime anywhere!!!!!

ill leave it at that for now....responses will be greatly received and guesses at which team is mine will also be interesting :)

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