Monday, 1 August 2011

Is Aguero The Missing Link For City?????

Yes yes yes the season is upon us, and the transfer mill is slowly winding up and the big fish are slowly circling and the big names are starting to arrive.....none bigger than Sergio Aguero arriving in the blue half of Manchester.
City have been the big spenders in the recent transfer windows and this time round is no different, as they stump up almost £40 million for the Argentine striker that most thought was going to replace the want-away Carlos Tevez, but this may not yet turn out like that, having the transfer to Corinthians for their captain crumble at the last minute the two Countrymen may well head up the strike force this Sunday in the seasons grand piece opener, the Charity Shield.
Now just how good is their new South American????? Well I can tell you, top top drawer.
This is a young man, son-in-law of the illustrious Diego Maradona, who scores goals for fun. In the past two seasons he has scored more goals than Tevez, he really is the Real Deal.

He is very similar to Carlos but to have a player that is more prolific than their already loved Tevez, can only bare ripe fruit for the waiting Citizens, and I cannot blame them for being excited!!!
As a fan of football I personally can't wait for him to take Europe's biggest stage, The Premier League.
It is the best league in the world and players are rarely judged until they have pitted their wits in the league.
Me personally think the 12-1 odds of Aguero winning the Golden Boot in his first season is astounding, and not in a bad way!!!
I have to remind everyone that Tevez won the honour last season, all-be-it joint with Berbatov, and yet Tevez was obviously not happy last season, handing in a transfer request in January and missed many games through injury also, and still he managed to win the strikers most prized possession.
This season, a man who is a more out and out goal getter will be heading the line, the team will have grown once again, giving themselves more chance to gel after last seasons big spending. They will always create chances and this is the man to net their goals I can assure you.
So here me loud and clear, Aguero will be top scorer next season, 12-1, get your money on NOW!!!!

Onto an enigma that is surfacing in the transfer doing's this close season.......Spurs......Daniel Levy has a pot of gold he is sitting on, and continues to sit on, is he hoping for it to miraculously hatch into more money???!!!
Harry was quoted two weeks ago as saying 'It is early days in the transfer market' well if you believe that you'll believe anything!!!!
I think Levy is going to to many boot sales or something!!!! At a boot sale you either get there early, scour the stalls for the bargain's and get your dealings done before the hoards arrive, OR you wait until the stalls are packing up and just want to offload the crap at the end that they don't want to take back home with them....and that is exactly what Tottenham are going to be left with if they carry on.

All the other clubs are doing deals and the Spurs Chairman seems to be hoping for another Van Der Vart deal to be the saviour of their pre-season and keep the fans happy, but I don't believe that will be enough.
There has been plenty of speculation but nothing concrete for the Yid army to clutch onto, and at least have a bit of belief that their club has the ambition that they should be having after their first season in the Champions League. No they didn't make it again last term but surely that is even more reason to be strengthening their squad with top players??? Or am I missing the point here????
Harry may look like he has managed to convince Modric to stay, at the minute at least but this will not be enough unless they bring in at least one top striker, and one other to enhance the squad, just to keep pace, not improve it!!!!!
It could be a long season for the Spurs fanatical fans if this is not rectified.......

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