Wednesday, 6 July 2011

The Transfer Saga's Are Here.....AGAIN......

Yes yes yes, it is that time of the year, no not Christmas.......yet, but the time where the media circus and general punchline worthy transfer stories rumble throughout world football, and this year is no different.

It seems that every season has one big transfer story, in the past it has been David Beckham's moves around the world, Ronaldo's trip over to the Bernabeu, and of course the Fernando Torres £50 million jaunt to the Capital just six months ago.
But correct me if I'm wrong, and I believe I'm seeing this in a pretty clear light here, but, is there always a story that never quite happens and then carries on for more than just the one season????
Recent memory provides the seasonal Steven Gerrard speculation, then it moved onto Thierry Henry, then Wayne Rooney and the past couple have been drowned with rumours of the Spanish 'Whizkid' Cesc Fabregas moving to his beloved no avail as yet.
So my question is, why do we get these protracted transfer stories every year??? I know, when the season isn't around, the media struggle to fill their back pages so these headlines are a good eye-catcher but where there is clearly some truth why is it all dragged out????
Arsenal need to sell Fabregas, for their own dignity and the better of the club.
He clearly wants to return to his home town, boy-hood club, and to work with his idol as a youngster Pep Guardiola. So why are Arsenal stalling the deal for yet another year???
Last season Fabregas was well under par for his own high standards and every season he stays at Arsenal whilst still wishing himself away his performances will continue to dissipate, leaving Arsenal supporters fed up and angry at the teams failures as they are starting to over the last couple of years.
£35 million is the latest bid from the Spanish giants which in itself is puzzling to me, why do Barca want Cesc???

They have the best midfield/attack in the world already, so why spend that kind of money on someone who can't get in his Country's first team ahead of the very players he will be in competition for places against at Barcelona???!!! It's madness, I can only think that Guardiola sees him as a direct replacement for Xavi in the years to come, as the brilliant creative player is now 31 years of age and will have to be replaced at some point, although watching him control the midfield as he does in every game he looks quite a way off of hanging up his boots.
I think with Clichy already gone, Arsene Wenger needs to get rid of Fabregas, tell Sami Nasri that he can play in the position vacated by the Spaniard (Nasri's favoured position, and where he plays for France) in order to keep Nasri and not lose him to another top club.
Then take the £35 million they will get for their Captain, buy a keeper, as they should have done four or five seasons ago, get a strong centre back, and then actually spend some of the boards gigantic cash balance and go after a World Class striker, why they never put a bid in for Fernando Torres in January I will never know., they need a goal scorer to put the chances away after their undoubtedly beautiful footballing moves. Now Torres is situated over at Stamford Bridge I think if Wenger doesn't want to dip into his pockets to much then he should plump for Defoe.

Shocker I know, would Defoe move across to the dark side after being a Spurs player???? Hell yeah he would, Defoe has no loyalty what so ever, he has always looked after number one and this move would be no different. Champions League football will also be a pull to Defoe and he could definitely get some goals for Arsenal I believe.
The other big transfer saga this year seems to be that of Luka Modric. The Spurs play-maker is supposedly unhappy at Tottenham and is thought to be flying back from his home in Croatia to thrash out talks with Spurs Chairman Daniel Levy this Thursday about his plans for the future.

The word on the street.....or should I say the news, is that Luka will tell Levy that he wants to move on from White Hart Lane and move to Chelsea in what is expected to be another £30 million plus deal.
Now Modric is a great player, but £30 million???? Are they sure????
I thought Modric was an attacking creative midfielder isn't he???
So how can someone that scored three goals all last season, yes that is one more than two and one less than four, Vidic the Manchester United CENTRE BACK scored FIVE goals last season, be worth £30 million???!!!
If I was Levy or Harry, I would send him off with a bunch of coconuts and rip their arms off, much like Liverpool did with Fernando Torres in January, take the money and better the squad/team with the money. It is no use keeping players if they do not want to be at your club, so why wait? Get rid, and get signing some players that do actually want to play for you.
With £30 million for Modric, Spurs could get the World-Class striker they need, someone like Rossi from Villarreal, or indeed Sergio Aguero, who they were surprisingly linked with in January. There are plenty of them about if you have they money, so why not get it done and get them in for a good pre-season instead of waiting until the last knockings and panic buy into something.
So my message to Arsenal and Spurs is.......get rid of these players, you'll be better off without them. Yes they are good players but neither of them are irreplaceable.
Arsenal have a replacement in the shape of Nasri, a good ploy to keep him at the club I think, and Spurs will go out and either sign Joe Cole from Liverpool,
someone they should have got last year, or maybe just drop Van Der Vart in there, I'm sure he could fill the void.
So Arsenal and Spurs fans or indeed any fans of football, please let me know what you think about the transfer debacle, or any thoughts on the coming season.......

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