Wednesday, 8 December 2010

am i completely missing something?????????

now i would like to think im fairly inteligent, up with whats going on, honest but fair in views etc but correct me if i am wrong here, newcastle sacked chris hughton, for a manager with more experience, someone who will take them to the next level, a more established man at the helm............i know he was in the shortlist created by the bookies almost immediately after the news about hughton, but i think i speak for every geordie here, and i am not one myself, but seriously, has ashley lost the fucking plot???!!!!
now im not gonna start a angry mob styled attack on the soon to be new appointment, but surely everyone is in some kind of agreement that alan pardew is not the man newcastle were hoping to have in charge???!!!!
being listed next to such names as martin o'neil, martin jol, and even frank rijkaard at times as laughable as that last name is, i think even the most optimistic magpie couldnt see the great barcelona manager arriving in the north east.
but even out of that list, last night it emerged that jol had left ajax and i for one expected to see him brandishing a black and white scarf in acceptance of the job, but this morning showed that ALAN PARDEW yes you read that right, out of the choices on 'offer' i dont think he would've picked himself out of the short list!!!!!!
now, i think pardew is a great manager, he laid the foundations at reading, which steve coppell has taken most of the credit for, yes he obviously deserves some of it but no-one remembers what pardew did beforehand, then onto west ham, he got them back into the top flight, under extreme pressure from the loyal hammers fans, i think unfairly dismissed, and he popped up at southampton, a club given 15pts deduction for the administration saga, and without the deduction they would have been promoted, a great achievement none the less.
ask any of the fans of these three clubs and they'kl tell you how good he is, and what good he created at their clubs, but given the situation at newcastle, what will newcastle gain from his appointment????
tha fans are angry as shit at the sacking of hughton, their anger will of course be aimed at mike ashley......when he chooses to show his face again, i can assure you it wont be against liverpool saturday!!!!!!!!!
alan pardew will do a good job, but he'll get a luke warm reception when he is unveiled and it'll be no fault of his own, he is obviously confident enough or he wouldn't be taking the job, but with games coming up against liverpool, birmingham, man city, spurs, wigan, and west ham, pardew is gonna have a baptism of fire in the piping hot seat!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
there are rumours of a complete walk out at the game saturday to which in my opinion would be so disrespectful to the new man, it simply cant happen but with the appointment on the verge of being made it will be an interesting event on saturday.....................

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