Tuesday, 7 December 2010

sad day for newcastle.......again

yesterday saw the unforseeable sacking of chris hughton as newcastle manager, now i am not a magpies fan but surely the world has gone mad tis time? and by mad i mean mike ashley.
hughton, took over at st james' in the aftermath of the team falling into the second stage of english football, he stepped in and steadied the ship to begin with, and then took the team back into the premier league at the first attempt, which is rarely done and a huge task i can tell ya.
so enter the top flight, given no money to spend by the owner, hughton battled on and got his team to produce some outstanding results given the resources he had at his disposal.
they beat arsenal at the emirites, they drew away at chelsea, they hammered their local rivals sunderland 5-1 in the derby, not enough? clearly not.
obviously i dont know the ins and outs of it all but sitting 11th in the league with 19 points on the board,im assuming most geordies would be more than happy to finish 17th this season, their goal must have been at the start of the season just to survive and then push on next season once consolidated in the league they do deserve to be in.
sometimes they have been guilty of thinking they are a bigger club than they are, at times living on the past glories and ignoring the present problems, but then what club doesnt do that??
11 more points and the magical '40' for safety in the top league would have been in the bag, something they are capable of achieving by the end of feb im sure of it, possibly not now?
the only way i can see it panning out is that ashley must have someone lined up, give the new guy (probably martin jol) a month to assess the squad he has, and then approach the owner in january with his shopping list, i can see these being good reasons for doing it now, if that is the case of course.
jol last night resigned as ajax boss after claiming the pressure put on the team was to great and the team were not able to live up to expectations........so what does he expect to get from the newcastle fans?????
i really do rate him as a manager, did brilliantly at spurs, proven in germany, done ok in the dutch league all of a more recent time, and now probably into the premier league again, sure, given time and money he'll do a good job but he isnt fucking god, he isnt going to be able to deliver the league like newcastle teams of old, simply not going to happen, so what will????? who fucking knows, this departure was a shock but nothing is deemed shocking in football so the script is written, and good chuffing luck to the next manager whoever it may be, because their gonna need it thats for sure!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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