Monday, 13 December 2010

Should liverpool follow Newcastle??????

Last week newcastle sacked their manager chris hughton, crazy as it was/is, the timing was right in respect to getting pardew in, give him time to assess the shit from the smooth within his squad before the transfer merry-go-round starts in january.
This leads me to ask the question.....should liverpool follow suit with Roy Hodgson?????
Liverpool fans world wide only wish one thing from their illustrious club.....league triumph.....obviuosly european and domestic cups do keep the fans going but what they all essentially crave, and rightly so for such a historic club is winning the domestic league.
A tally of 18 titles is immense to say the least but the fact they havent won one since 1989-1990 season will still burn deeply in any of the red faithful.
this tally as impressive as it is was finally equalled by their fiercest rivals two seasons ago when manchester united took the crown and put themselves on 18.
This is as impressive from the men from old trafford but what will hurt the liverpool fans is that this season their rivals are looking more likely to overtake their own record, something that liverpool fans wont swallow easily i can tell you.
the defeat against newcastle on saturday was the latest disappointing away day for the reds, newcastle showed the spirit that their now departed manager hughton had instilled in his squad, and no doubt dedicated this victory to him in the wake of him taking the long walk alone.
in all honesty they rarely struggled against a recently rejuvinated liverpool side, but for a dirk kuyt equaliser which the visitors barely deserved the reds didnt threaten to much as their stars looked lost and truly inept against the magpies bubbling team ethics, of which liverpool have none for comparison.
this leads me back to my initial question.....should the new reds owners take the plunge and show Roy the door?
I am beginning to side with the view of yes, the statistics do not lie, only two wins in 24 away games, fair enough not all 24 were conducted by Hodgson but they have showed no improvement on this record since his arrival in the summer.
an improvement from the opening six games is evident which buoyed liverpool supporters until now, with the promise of gaining momentum from the wins they had inflicted on chelsea and villa, but the answers simply are not there when the serious questions are being asked.
Torres looks like a man who cannot decide what his own future holds, and maybe he is regretting his decision to stay? i am not sure?
If liverpool were to sell their prize asset, they would not re-coup the £50 million he was worth at the end of last season, as he is still struggling for form, yes he shows flashes but the all round game isnt there due to lack of belief and through no fault of his own but also lack of service.
The return of their captain fantastic could well be a blessing for Hodgson as i think anymore poor showings will result in his departure, sooner rather than later.
I think now would be a good time to let Roy go if this is in the thinking, with managers such as Martin O'Neil and Frank Rijkaard currently out of work there are options for the NESV group for appointing his successor.
the same as the newcastle post, it would give the new man chance to decide between the true dross and the undoubted quality that the liverpool squad possesses in near equal amounts, and this is one of the reasons they are in the form and predicament they find themselves in.
But in a season such as the one we have this year, they are not as adrift as they should and surely would be if this had been another year.
I still believe they are capable of reaching the top four, due to the bizarre season it has been with more teams taking points off of each other up there but they will have to sort out their away day blues if they want to finish anywhere near there, because if they do not and the yo-yo form continues then we may see them finishing out of the top 8......

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