Wednesday, 6 April 2011

The Battle of Britain Commences.....

Tonight see's Premier League leaders Manchester United travel to Chelsea in the Champions League Quarter finals, having watched England's other hope, Spurs, taken apart by Real Madrid in last nights game, despite only having ten men for 85minutes.
First I'll quickly re-cap on last nights game, AAron Lennon was about to take to the field in 'His biggest game of his life' and for whatever reason, which has not come to light as yet, he failed to take the field, this was a huge setback to Tottenham before they had even kicked a ball. This was underlined four minutes in when Adebayor, formerly of Spurs' rivals Arsenal headed the Madrid giants ahead, questions were already being asked, and I was certainly one of them asking.....what the fuck was Jenas doing marking such an obvious aerial threat???!!!
Unfortunately for Tottenham, the question was answered as Modric failed to stop the ball on the line and they trailed with only a few moments having passed.
Then, to the bemusement of every English, let alone Spurs fan, the pivotal Peter Crouch made two challenges that he wouldn't make in an entire season, let alone in the space of minutes, and as a result saw red and really put his team mates at the bottom of Mount Everest.
I had earmarked Crouch yesterday as the most important feature of the Tottenham side going into this game and he definitely made an impact, but not for the right reasons here and immediately I feared the worse for Spurs as Xabi Alonso was now left as the 'extra man' and he was already purring.
Tottenham battled to stay in the contest but with a man down for such a long period the outcome was a forgone conclusion, just a matter of how many.
Real proceeded to unearth Tottenham's defensive frailties and Adebayor netted again after a pin point cross from Marcello, there was plenty to do as he had no pace on the cross to work any pace on the header, but he managed to wind up his neck muscles and dispatch a sublime header past Gomes in the English side's goal.
The writing was firmly on the wall and damage limitation was top of the order if Spurs were to have any hope in the return leg.

Two more goals followed, as Di Maria unleashed an unstoppable strike which even if Spurs had Gordon Banks, David Seaman and indeed Gomes himself between the sticks it still would have hit the net.
Ronaldo squirmed one under Gomes and the task is now gargantuan, IF Spurs had got an away goal, which they didn't, they might have had a chance, but unfortunately I can't see them getting the four goals without a response from Real, sorry Spurs fans but the big man needs to apologise for his madness, because it cost you, big time....

Tonight, where can I begin, United ALWAYS score don't they??!! I believe they will tonight, and Sir Alex will be pleased if they do, Chelsea, selection problems with who out of the £100 million strike force should they play??? What a dilemma?!! Personally, I think all three of them should play, Drogba, Anelka and the new boy Torres, and why not? They are all World class so why can't hey play together??!!
Drogba causes problems, Anelka gets goals and doesn't get the credit, and Torres MUST score sooner rather than later, and he loves getting goals against United.
Rooney amidst the controversy will put in a good shift and hopefully as a spectator, Berbatov will be his partner, and this is clearly a dangerous proposition. United will be more than happy with an away goal, so my prediction here will be 2-1 Chelsea, giving United the upper hand in my opinion, but as I showed yesterday, what does my opinion mean, very little as Mr Crouch engulfed himself in a ten minutes of madness, but we shall see on this one.....

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