Tuesday, 26 April 2011

Time For Wenger To Go ?????

Another fruitless season for the Gunners this year....
At present, they are nine points behind Manchester United in the Premier league, no domestic trophy as far as the F.A Cup and League Cup, having lost to Birmingham in the later of the two.
Knocked out of the Champions League, all be-it by Barcelona, probably the best club side for the last ten years at least, no shame there, but once again Arsene Wenger's team end up empty handed for the sixth season in a row......yes SIX seasons.

Cesc Fabregas was given a bit of a roasting after he suggested that if Wenger was in charge of any other top club in Europe, then he would not still be in charge after so many failed seasons, and I cannot disagree with Fabregas' comments on that.
If Wenger was in charge of Manchester United, Chelsea, Manchester City, Liverpool, Barcelona, Real Madrid, A.C Milan, Inter Milan, Juventus, Bayern Munich......the list could go on, he simply wouldn't have lasted this many years without a single trophy.
Why is it then that the French thinker is still able to plod along with his team, playing wonderful football I agree but if that wins you nothing then is it worth playing that way ???
The main answer to Why ? and How ? is he still there is this, Arsene Wenger has NO-ONE to answer to. Yes he has to answer fans, through the media, and should be answering more on the pitch with victories in my opinion. But as far as owners, and the money men are concerned, there is not a single person he is answerable to, and this pretty much puts Arsene Wenger in charge of the entire club, and that can't be good for the future.

Yes he has single handedly taken Arsenal to the next level.
Yes he produced the first team to go unbeaten throughout a whole season, unbelievable.

Yes he nurtured such talents as Thierry Henry, Dennis Bergkamp, Patrick Viera to name a few.
Yes his side have finished in the top four consistently for a decade.

But if you look at the last six years, Arsenal have been, on average, a staggering 15 POINTS behind the eventual winners. With them being nine behind with four games left, this season isn't going to alter that to much either, so I think Wenger has taken the team as far as he can.
He is stubborn, and blind to the fact that the team HE has built, no-one else, HIS team just simply isn't good enough. Yes they have some outstanding talents but as a whole, they simply don't match up to a title winning side, and results can only prove that, facts do not lie, and the lack of trophies only highlight this further.
Now if Wenger was stubborn, stuck to his idea's and plans, as he has, and the team repaid his faith by winning something, then maybe no one could say anything, but as HIS way clearly hasn't worked, especially of late, I can only suggest he leaves, because no one has the authority to sack him do they???

So is he untouchable?? I think so, until the ownership of the club is sorted, with a single person taking the kind of control over the club which it badly needs, and no more so than now.

I have the up most respect for what he has done for the club, they are financially stable, within a couple more years they will be completely self sufficient and in total profit, he pushed through the plans for the stadium, he has introduced more grass route stuff at academy level, nurturing the young talent which has become Arsene Wenger's trademark now, I understand and believe that Arsenal Football Club most definitely wouldn't be the same if Wenger hadn't taken the job. BUT the time has come, he needs to let his good work be taken to the next level by a new manager, someone who will put their own stamp on the side, introducing something else to the Wenger mix, something that will take them to that next level that Arsene has been trying to get to.
Exactly who??? I don't know, really I don't, there are plenty of people out there though, perhaps someone like Martin O'Neill??? I really don't know, but what I do know is, that Arsenal have to move to the next level and I'm afraid that Arsene Wenger cannot take them there anymore......

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